Dave Raine Studio
Exotic, Canary Wood
Exotic, Black Limba
Exotic, Jatoba
Exotic, Bubinga
Exotic, Makore
Exotic, Teak
Exotic, Sapele
Exotic, African Mahogany
Exotic, Afromosia
Exotic, Zebra Wood
Exotic, Wenge
Domestic, Red Alder
Domestic, White Ash
Domestic, Black Ash
Domestic, Gray Birch
Domestic, Butternut
Domestic, American Cherry
Domestic, Hard Maple
Domestic, White Oak
Domestic, Red Oak
Domestic, Peruvian Walnut
Domestic, English Walnut
Domestic, Oregon Soft Maple

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342 E. Barham Drive
Suite D
San Marcos, CA 92078
(760) 580-4271