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David’s passion is in building spaces that will be used daily and shared with family, friends, and guests for a lifetime. With 20+ years of industry experience, Dave effectively oversees all projects with finesse. He has extensive experience in living & working space design, construction, project management, and budgeting. David has an extensive technology background used to incorporate modern technology benefits such as lighting, automation, and alternative energy to all design styles.



As a growing manufacturer dedicated to perfection, our mission is to strive to "continually improve our process" by adopting affordable technology using the finest quality cabinetry in design, function, and service.

In fulfilling our mission, we shall always push to be an organization that continues to be worthy and deserving of the community's respect while giving back to it. We stay flexible and adaptable to the fast-changing marketplace and always strive to improve.

We will continue to be an open organization that respects the contributions of our staff by providing a relaxed working environment that Is ethical, attentive, and values their learning and education. DRS guarantees a workplace of which one is proud to be a part.

Truly a company of integrity, Dave Raine Studio is committed to being the best in custom cabinetry and design. As we are fully committed to the success of our employees. We are equally committed to the long-term good of the company.

Our mission is to provide the ultimate space where all can feel comfortable and at ease while sharing life's most important memories. By being faithful to the principles contained within our mission statement, our organization will enjoy the benefits of longevity and profitability. We will always communicate by listening carefully to our customers and assisting them as they create a space that reflects the beauty they wish to secure in their homes.


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