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Napping Rooms to VR Gaming NooksDo you have one of those rooms that no one uses other than a few spiders?It might be nice to live in a house with a library, a formal room, and a tea room.....
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David Raine | David Raine Studio

With 20+ years of industry experience, Dave effectively oversees all projects with finesse.He has extensive experience in living & working space design, construction, project management, and b....
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Project Manager | NC San Diego / Part-Time

The Project Manager has the responsibility of directing all aspects of construction management, information flow and documentation between the Owner, Architect, Tenant, and Field Superintendent.....
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Kevin Sears | Home Owner

"David Raine has been my alternative energy person for many years, first I used wind turbines, then David installed solar.He did a professional job, and was done on time."....
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Charles Nelson | LEAD, TCA

"Really enjoyed working with David's team, the end result was amazing to say the least.The renderings made all the difference in presentation and it was difficult to determine which picture was the....
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Real wood anything is better than nothing.

Woodworking is a magic combination of 60% skill, 20% tools, 10% patience. 10% attitude.Virtually anything can and most likely has been at one time made of wood.When all the parts fit in place wood....
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Beth Hanley | Home Owner

"You rock! I am completely blown away. My kitchen is simply unbelievable!I would like to personally thank you for your outstanding work on our kitchen. Not able to tell you how happy we are. I STR....
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Stephen Beats | Property Investor

"Your work is truly upstanding! I made over $100,000 profits in the sale after renovation. The quality, service, and support was excellent from design through completion. The complements where overwhe....
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