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+2 “Light Bronze Brushed Fiber” Laminated Acoustic Glass

Common Name(s)
+2 “Light Bronze Brushed Fiber” Laminated Acoustic Glass
Colored Glass, Decorative Laminated Glass, Flat Glass
Composition: Low-iron glass laminated with brushed fiber privacy interlayer and +2 acoustic interlayer Approx Dimensions: Cut-to-size; max. size = 59" x 120" (1.5 m x 3 m); approx. thickness = 1/4" to 5/16" (6 mm to 8 mm). Available in thicknesses up to 1/2" (12 mm) by special request. Safety Options: Laminated, Tempered_laminated Maintenance: Bendheim glass is easy to maintain. We suggest cleaning with warm water and a lint free cloth (terry cloth). Conventional non- abrasive glass cleaners may also be used. Performance Characteristics: STC 36 = +2 Collection, 1/4” glass STC 38 = +2 Collection, 3/8” glass STC 39 = +2 Collection, 1/2” glass, or a standard 4.5" insulated interior stud wall (thicker, no light comes through the 4.5" stud wall) Note: At STC 36 and higher, speech becomes unintelligible through the +2 glass wall. In contrast, loud speech can be heard at STC 33, which is the STC of a standard 4.5" interior stud wall without insulation. Options & Customizations: Custom Colors & Finishes A wide range of standard & custom colors Laminated to mirror for wall cladding applications, extending the aesthetic from the partitions to wall surfaces +2 STC interlayer can be combined with a variety of Bendheim glass textures and finishes, including ultra-privacy HoudiniTM micro-fluted glass

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